Alice Tükörországban

Just another story to add to my blog ...

I look at myself in the mirror. She is behind me. I feel her hands as she combs my hair and collects it, with skilful fingers, in that long braid that I, too, when I grew up, would have learned to do.

"Done. Now you are a princess who will have legions of charming princes who will want to marry her. "

"Nagyanya, I want to be a baroness!"

"A baroness? - For a moment her laughter floods the room and my heart with light; I still hear it melodiously in my ears - And what do baronesses do that princesses don't?"

"They have beautiful clothes and carriages and horses and castles and ..."

"Oh yes ... But even princesses have all these things."

Reflected in the mirror, our eyes sparkle. They have the same shape and the same color. She hugs me with one hand while, with the other, she arranges the braid so that it falls softly on my shoulder.

"The princesses are in all fairy tales, while the baronesses are not" - I insist with that touch of pride that has never abandoned me.

She smiles. She prints a kiss on my head and takes on that slightly ironic expression that even I, when I grew up, would have learned to pose.

"Come, Baroness, let's go and pick the potatoes now. Get the bag."

Through the mirror, time stops, space vanishes, the sound fades, the color fades… And Alice finds herself alone in the land of memories.

Chiara Di Notte

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