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A friend of mine used to say that the masculine and the feminine are like the right and left eye. If you look at the world using only one eye, you see it flat and without perspective. Using both eyes, on the other hand, gives a truer and deeper image of what surrounds you. 'She' and 'He' are only labels that are attributed in relation to the genital organs but, in the end, it is only the desires that identify people.


- Do you think women enjoy anal sex? - asked Klára.
- I think so. What do you think?
-You know that, in anal sex, the woman does not enjoy the penetration itself, but it is more a psychological pleasure related to what she imagines, combined with the fact that often she masturbates while is being penetrated, which makes her to reach orgasm? If it weren't for the phantasy and clitoral stimulation, she would just feel discomfort. Unlike men who, on the other hand, have a particular erogenous zone in their anus.
- And do you like doing it?
- What?
- Anal sex.
- Do you also have pornographic films? - Klára said, changing the subject as usual in the moments that were the most exciting for him.
-No... ehr... yes, I have them - he smiled embarrassed - I keep them in the wardrobe, do you want to see one?
- No. They don't create any erotic stimuli for me. Just boredom. Why are you keeping them hidden? Are you ashamed to show them around? Are you afraid that, seeing them, someone you bring here thinks you masturbate while watching them?
- Do you think I shouldn't do this?
- What? Jerk off or keep them hidden?
- Both things.
- Tell me... what would you like to do with me?
- Everything.
- Everything what?
- I'd fuck you ...
- And then?
- I'd cum in your mouth ...
- And then?
- And then, since we're on the subject, I'd fuck you in the ...
- Yes, of course ... everything you see people do in almost all porn movies, right? And then?
- Well, what else could I want?
- Nothing else? That's all? Aren't you always bored with the same, almost mechanical gestures? Have you bedded a bisexual to do the same things with her as you would with any straight girl? Don't you think I might have different desires than the other women you've fucked? Come on... I'm sure you have enough imagination to go further.
- Every woman is different, so you never taste the same flavor. No, I'm not bored with the same gestures. Besides, one like you doesn't meet every day - he said caressing her swollen nipples with the fingertips - Tell me, what do you want? Do you want to be tied up? Do you like role-playing games?
- If you wanted to stick a finger in your ass, what would you do?He hesitated before answering. That topic embarrassed him. Klára was more uninhibited than any other female he had ever met. She was not troubled by anything, indeed it was she, with her refined shameless behavior, who embarrassed those around her.
In the end, he told her.
- I would not mind.
- Have you already done it with someone else?
- Yes, several times. A girlfriend of mine did it while she sucked me off...
- Did you feel… I don't know, embarrassed?
- No… it was natural… spontaneous.
- Then you liked it!
- Yes, but I wouldn't feel like asking a woman to stick a finger in my ass. You understand, right?
- No, I don't understand. If you like it, what's wrong with it? Unless you think that declaring such a desire diminishes your masculinity.
- I don't know ... maybe I think so. You know, we are never completely free from conditioning… even if we try hard to be.
- And would you ask me to penetrate you?
- I'd do anything with you - he said, laying his whole body on top of Klára's.
- I'm glad you think so. Hold on a moment… 

Klára got rid of that embrace and got out of bed. She crossed the room with a soft, plush step, almost walking on her toes, and went out. When she came back she was wearing something that he had only seen in certain films in which the protagonists were lesbians having sex. He had never had anything to do with one of those contraptions, although he had happened to use various trinkets, such as latex dildos, vibrators and the like, with different bedmates


- Do you like me? - she said showing herself naked wearing her toy.
- Pretty - Roberto answered surprised.
- What do you think? It's a weird effect, right? - she was naked, with a phallus between her thighs hooked to her body by means of a harness. It was obvious that a completely different kind of woman appeared to Roberto.
- Yes, it suits you - lied Roberto.
-Wearing this, the woman communicates that she wishes to penetrate. Many girls with whom I have used it have confirmed that I am better than many men at fucking ... among other things, this toy of mine has, internally, a part that vibrates and stimulates the clitoris, making the woman who wears it enjoy too .
- Interesting…
- Man also enjoys being penetrated, you know? He enjoys stimulation of the anus, rectum and especially the prostate. When a woman penetrates a man it is said that she is pegging.
- I didn't know this term - said Roberto, a little worried.
- It is a neologism ... until a few years ago there was no word that indicated this practice.

Roberto was baffled by what he probably considered a kind of joke. One of those absurd games that she usually offered her partners to embarrass them.

- With pegging you can swap roles, and you have the opportunity to get to know a different side of our sexuality.
- How beautiful! - Roberto said sarcastically, while his penis became small and softened.
- Both partners need to be curious… curious to try something different. Then, at that point, they experience sexual ambivalence as a pleasure, and express it freely, giving life to their fantasies.
- Do you really believe what you're saying? - Roberto asked more and more worried.
- Of course I believe it! When I take on the active role, that of whoever penetrates, I go to overturn the conventional couple relationship, and this can be very exciting for both of us.
- Yes sure. I imagine…
- For a woman like me, bisexual, the sensation of having a penis, even if simulated, is wonderful, while for a man who accepts to be penetrated I think that the pleasure, in addition to that linked to the stimulation of some erogenous zones. I was speaking, it may come from breaking a taboo. That taboo that conditions many to associate their anus with homosexuality. In this exchange of roles, if you really get in tune, you can truly achieve the full fusion of bodies and minds.
- Are you sure?
- I say this because I know. Don't you want to find out? Don't you want to know this different side of my sexuality? Understand why many women, with me, broke up? I thought that was the reason you took me to bed. Above all, don't you feel the curiosity to understand something more about yourself?
- Yes, but ... it's not something one can do like this, all of a sudden...
- Did you need me to notify you in advance by registered letter?


He wasn't at all prepared for what Klára was proposing him, but he couldn't hold back after having told her he was willing to do everything with her.

- Well, do we procede? - said Klára, approaching the bed where he was lying.
- Sorry if I ask you, but don't you feel a bit ridiculous with that trinket?
- Absolutely not.
- I wasn't prepared for this.
- Did you have a desire to have sex with a lesbian, did you? Aren't you interested in finding out what I am like when I have sex with my partners? Tell me, how did you think I was?
- I do not know.
- You will have gotten an idea of ​​me... reading my stories.
- Yes, of course, but now I don't...
- Well, what do we do? Do we spend all night looking into each other's eyes or do we let's free our fantasies?
- What am I supposed to say? What do you really want from me?
- I told you, I want to pegg. I want to penetrate you.
- And what am I supposed to do?
- Nothing. You have to let me do everything.


She approached him and stood in front of him, with the latex phallus well on display. She was very excited, like every time she happened to take the active role.
Roberto hesitated. It was understandable; it wasn't easy for him to accept what she was offering. For a man accustomed to fucking women, it was quite burdensome to accept the fact that a woman would have penetrated him that way. But he was also curious, so, surely, he would not have missed that opportunity to test himself, experimenting with a different way of understanding sexual pleasure.
She got on the bed and curled up next to Roberto, beginning to caress his thighs, going up with the fingers until she touched his dick, which was already erect. Then she began to masturbate him, slowly, with one hand, while with the fingers of the other she teased his anal orifice.

- Do you like it like that?
- Yes, I do - said Roberto feeling that it was impossible not to get horny in that situation.

She moistened a finger with the saliva, then she gently introduced it inside Roberto, continuing to masturbate him with the other hand.


He was troubled, worried about what was about to happen. He breathed panting for the pleasure those expert fingers gave him; he had the impression that he was just a toy, an instrument in Klára's hands, but he didn't care. At that moment he realized that even someone he had fucked on that same bed, perhaps had formulated the same thought as him: how many women had been, to him, just toys that he had used for his pleasure?

- Do you want to do it? - said Klára

He didn't answer. He settled down on all fours, with his buttocks pushed up and the head lowered to touch the sheets with his face. Klára's fingers sprinkled his anus with something slimy, which he recognized as lubricating gel, and he immediately felt the tip of the artificial phallus make its way into his orifice.
His breath seemed to suddenly fail him. His heart seemed to come out of the throat, and his temples were pounding. Klára, slow in her movements, was pushing gently. He did not want to admit it, but he liked everything about her. He felt that she too enjoyed the physical pleasure procured her by the vibrations of that strap-on but, above all, the psychological pleasure of having completely reversed the roles.


She watched Roberto and understood that he liked being fucked. Even though she couldn't see his face, from the movement of his hands she knew that he had the penis erect and was masturbating moving in synchrony with the rhythm of the strokes she gave him. He was drenched in sweat, panting and moaning like all those women who, probably, he had fucked right in that bed.

She enjoyed it; the exchange of roles was the thing that most intrigued her in the relationships with men. The vibrating part, inside the harness, stimulated her clitoris made her go into ecstasy. She went close to the climax of her pleasure.

Roberto also didn't take long to get to the climax. When she saw him go limp on the bed in the throes of shivers, followed him, leaning with her whole body on his back, pulled out the phallus and joined him that orgasm, hugging him tightly. They did cum together and when he finally turned around, she kissed him for a long time, tenderly, holding him tight.


Klára put her travel bag in the luggage compartment, sat in her place and fastened her seat belt. When the plane left the ground, she folded the seat back and relaxed herself. She thought back to the night spent with Roberto; she had judged him well. He was innocent... he was.
She had greeted him with a simple kiss on his cheek, exactly as it had happened when she arrived. She would never meet him again, and their virtual friendship would also have to come to end; the terms were clear.


When Roberto saw her disappear behind the departure door, he knew with certainty that he would never had seen her again. He now he knew something more about Klára; she would had never break the pact that, every time, she made with herself when was agreeing to meet someone. And the pact was that the occasional partner for one night sex had to be an unknown person; a stranger who had to remain such even after the meeting.
Now he knew that the only real danger in meeting her was that of falling in love with her. Those who were not coming out unscathed paid in currency much more expensive than that which any of her customers would have paid. She had confirmed it that night. On that night when she had shown him colors he didn't think could exist, and a different world, where perspectives were disconnected and reversed, just like in one of those Maurits Escher figures.

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